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What is an Expo?, The economic and cultural development that stem from hosting an Expo is an impetus for lasting urban transformation on the Expo site and beyond. Expo projects are a key part of urban development plans, acting as a catalyst to accelerate the transformation of cities and having a long-term impact on society in both tangible (architecture, urban planning) and intangible ways (culture, education). Culture Expo around the world, Every year, Culture Expo is held around the world. The exhibition was bold. For Asian people, these were nearly unacceptable. In recent years, however, as the cultural exchange increased ...Shanghai World EXPO Tour, Shanghai World EXPO Tour Exhibition cum cultural Exchange New Vision, Better Tomorrow Tour Duration: 28.May to 4.Jun. 2010 (8days 7 nights) USD 1 200 or RM 4,200 (inclusive of exhibition fee) for artists invited by ArtGroupShanghai Expo/ World Cities Day | aprilroseillustrates, World Cities Day Liverpool Shanghai Broadway Mansions Shanghai Expo Home About Licensing Contact / Links Shop Wholesale Instagram Exhibitions British Week Japan Shanghai Expo/ World Cities Day Bespoke Merchandising Design Exhibition Koffin / Art ...A short history of Expos, Expo 1958 Brussels was dedicated to "Progress and Mankind"; Expo 1962 Seattle was about "Man in the Space Age"; Expo 1967 Montreal was dedicated to "Man and his world." By creating a peaceful discussion platform, Expos started contributing to the global dialogue and fostering cooperation, namely with Expo 1967 Montreal and Expo 1970 Osaka that facilitated the "détente" of the early 1970s ....

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Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Expo, The third Silk Road International Cultural Expo was inaugurated this Thursday in the time-honored city of Dunhuang, Northwest China's Gansu province. In response to the fifth anniversary of the Belt and Road Initiative, this year's expo aims to showcase the charm of the ancient Silk Road, promote people-to-people exchange and build a more beautiful and harmonious world.cultural exchange of world expo, The expo. Era I -'Industrialization' (1851 1938) Era IIThe expo. Era I -'Industrialization' (1851 1938) Era II 'Cultural exchange' (1939 1991) Era III 'Nation b Shanghai World Cities Culture Forum The Shanghai Expo of 2010 is seen as a major step towards the city's ...The World Fairs | History of Western Civilization II, This expo was the most obvious precedent for the many international exhibitions considered world fairs. Since their inception in 1851, the character of world expositions has evolved. Three eras can be distinguished: industrialization, cultural exchange, and nation

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